Agile, intelligent and disciplined services

Can we help you optimize your data storage and sharing?

Simplify and get a future-proof data center

  • What is the state of the data center?
  • Is 'best practice' practiced and optimal return on investment achieved?
  • Does the data center support the business requirements?

Monitor your data center

  • Are automated workflows used?
  • Er rapporteringen optimal og automatiserede, så beslutninger træffes på baggrund af valide og relevante data?
  • Where can you minimize risk?
  • How to reduce complexity and costs?

Be proactive and get better data agility

  • Which tasks should be prioritized?
  • How are data, performance and efficiency accelerated?
  • Can IT operations be outsourced in a short time?
  • Is the infrastructure up to date?
  • Is the infrastructure worked with proactively or reactively?

Optimize Cloud Consumption and Costs

  • How is a baseline prepared before data goes into the cloud?
  • What data should be in which cloud?
  • How to reduce costs?
  • Who owns 'your' data?
  • Is data stored in the right cloud?

Backup with secure and disciplined data management

  • Does the backup process match the security policy?
  • Is a 3rd site necessary?
  • Is functional separation handled?
  • Avoid comments from the audit?
  • Is backup of Office365 necessary?

Rent infrastructure and free up capital

  • Lej infrastruktur til korte projekter!
  •  Juster kapacitet efter projektets størrelse både op & ned!
  • Start projects extremely quickly
  • No binding - terminate the agreement when it suits you!
  • Maintain IT management, responsibility and ownership