Backup with secure and disciplined data management

Let us help you secure your data with the right backup policy. "Backup is boring - restore is more fun - if it works!". Nevertheless, backup is the IT parameter audit often challenges in an audit. At Consular, we have experienced backup on the same operating systems, or backup solutions that have never been tested, or data can be restored from. We often encounter outdated backup policies that are not up to date according to business requirements & processes.  

Contact us about:

  • Analysis of the backup process
  • Audit of your backup policies
  • C-Cloud. Consular's own data center with full flexibility in a BaaS solution.
  • On-site / off-site backup of Office 365.
  • Handling of functional separation
  • Consulting assistance on common platforms
  • Sales / installation of new backup solutions
  • Hire a backup solution without binding

Our services

  • Analysis across data center platforms independent of manufacturers
  • Storage assessments
  • Security audits
  • Security Hardening Workshop
  • Documentation and descriptions of processor
  • Problem solving (bottlenecks, etc.)
  • Overall analysis of the data architecture

"Have you tested your backup recently, and have you performed a 'real' D / R test? We can assist you with the operation of your backup in your own data center, or we can place it in our data center, C-Cloud, so that you, among other things, achieve functional separation. Today we operate several customers' backups, and we help document your backup to the audit and your management"


Get inspired by our cases

TV2 ØST changed its outdated and costly infrastructure

TV2 ØST fik ændret forældet og omkostningstung infrastruktur

Contemporary platform and technology boost

Tidssvarende platform og teknologiløft

Strategy Change & Tech Refresh

Strategiskifte & Tech Refresh

Shared SAP & File Service environment

Shared SAP- & File Service miljø

Review of existing backup rule sets

Review af eksisterende backupregelsæt

Reporting on 3,500 services & >50PB Storage

Rapportering på 3.500 services & >50PB Storage