Agile, intelligent and disciplined

In a world where the amount of data is exploding across complex and hybrid environments, it is a pleasure to be able to deliver simple and more efficient solutions for handling data.

Using intelligent resources and hand-picked applications from the IT industry, we deliver analytics and tools that enable our customers to make disciplined investments in the future.

Let us help you

Simplify and get a future-proof data center

  • What is the state of the data center?
  • Is 'best practice' practiced and optimal return on investment achieved?
  • Does the data center support the business requirements?

Monitor your data center

  • Are automated workflows used?
  • Is the reporting optimal and automated so that decisions are made on the basis of valid and relevant data?
  • Where can you minimize risk?
  • How to reduce complexity and costs?

Be proactive and get better data agility

  • Which tasks should be prioritized?
  • How are data, performance and efficiency accelerated?
  • Can IT operations be outsourced in a short time?
  • Is the infrastructure up to date?
  • Is the infrastructure worked with proactively or reactively?

Optimize Cloud Consumption and Costs

  • How is a baseline prepared before data goes into the cloud?
  • What data should be in which cloud?
  • How to reduce costs?
  • Who owns 'your' data?
  • Is data stored in the right cloud?

Backup with secure and disciplined data management

  • Does the backup process match the security policy?
  • Is a 3rd site necessary?
  • Is functional separation handled?
  • Avoid comments from the audit?
  • Is backup of Office365 necessary?

Rent infrastructure and free up capital

  • Rent infrastructure for shorter projects!
  •  Adjust capacity to project size - both up and down!
  • Start projects extremely quickly
  • No binding - terminate the agreement when it suits you!
  • Maintain IT management, responsibility and ownership

SPOT by NetApp

Cloud savings? – Look at SPOT by NetApp

With NetApp SPOT you can achieve savings of 70%-90% of your cloud costs.



More information about SPOT by NetApp:

NetApp SPOT is automated cost reduction based on AI in AWS, Google and Microsoft Azure. SPOT has built a unique machine learning model that can predict availability, capacity and prices of cloud computing resources across cloud regions, data centers and instance types.

By using SPOT, you can automatically and continuously optimize the compute resources in real time at the lowest possible price. We see savings of 70%-90% of cloud costs. The smart thing about SPOT is that you don't have to make an investment upfront to achieve the savings. The concept is that you and SPOT share the savings according to a distribution key. So if there are no savings, SPOT gets no money.

"From today, 100% of our K8S "workers" on Elastigroup. We don't think about these costs anymore; Elastigroup does the work for us! ” says Shane Savoie, Chief Architect at Ticketmaster.

Get inspired by our cases

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