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The right solution

DXC was looking for an Enterprise solution for one of their larger customers, where uptime and availability were vital to the customer's SAP environment. DXC's customer could not withstand operational disruptions, and there was a desire for continuous availability, so updates, extensions and platform replacements did not require downtime. One of DXC's most important requirements was that the solution should support SAP on DB2, with the possibility of aggressive backup of the customer's SAP landscapes and extremely fast restore.

Certified and validated SAP solution

SAP and NetApp have for a number of years had a very close collaboration, where they have jointly developed and delivered solutions to joint SAP/NetApp customers. NetApp's MetroCluster solutions have been around for more than 15 years, and it's symptomatic that most MetroCluster customers have chosen the solution multiple times - just in newer versions, faster hardware and more functionality. DXC chose a flash-based 4-node A700 Fabric MetroCluster with synchronous mirroring and associated backup destinations. Throughout the process, Consular received help from the SAP/NetApp team from the SAP alliance in Germany, so that DXC's customer was guaranteed a risk-free and validated implementation process.

"One of the most important drivers has been the ability to achieve a significantly improved RPO/RTO. NetApp's snapshot functionalities ensure that we take full backup of SAP on DB2 four times a day of our entire SAP landscape - even in minutes and without performance decline ”- Jolis continues:“ In our test and development environments, we have also seen some significant speed improvements when we have to provision new SAP landscapes, as we can clone an SAP environment extremely quickly compared to before ”.

Jolis Tusla

// SAP Certified Technical Consultant DXC

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