CUSTOMER //A publich Region in Denmark

Cloud or new datacenter


The region, like many other customers, had to make choices about which services could be operated on-prem or in the cloud. Knowing that data growth was rising sharply, the region still lacked sparring and 'best practice' to make valid decisions based on updated data.

 The region was aware that they operated a streamlined and cost-effective infrastructure, but they lacked measurement points and price comparisons in relation to the cloud providers. The head of the IT function states: “We knew we were efficient, but we did not know how efficient. In these times where the cloud is at the top of the agenda in several places, it was important for us to be able to document where we were in relation to the cloud providers, especially in light of the fact that we have built our own data center ”.

Cloud Analysis

Consular has for a long time collaborated with Kostner Group in connection with cloud analyzes. Partly analyzes that can help establish a baseline on your infrastructure before you go into the cloud, and partly analyzes that compare your infrastructure with clouds. It may also be that you want to optimize your costs / platform when you are in the cloud, and want to save money on using the right services.

Through our collaboration with the region, we agreed to conduct a Kostner Clarity Analysis with the region.


We were five times cheaper than Cloud!

The analysis showed that the region operated their infrastructure much more cost-effectively than they had dared to hope for, partly in relation to the cloud providers, but also in relation to other public organizations. The IT function manager says: “We were five times cheaper than cloud, so it confirms us that we are doing the right thing. We now have a detailed report that describes what it costs to run our various workloads and how we do it most optimally and efficiently ”.