CUSTOMER  // Danske Fragtmænd

Business Critical Solution

Danske Fragtmænd faced a tech update of their existing infrastructure. It was extremely important for Danske Fragtmænd that the new solution could offer "continuous availability" and synchronous mirroring of business-critical applications and data across all workloads. Automated failover was a requirement, as uptime and high availability should reduce the risk of errors and data loss. Danske Fragtmænd also had a requirement to abolish Hyper-V as a hypervisor, as the desire was to find a hypervisor in which the necessary tools were built in to achieve a better overview and work more efficiently.
Danske Fragtmænd also had a number of demanding SQL databases that needed performance, but they still had to be part of a mirrored solution so that security was not compromised.
Danske Fragtmænd knew that they had to optimize the security of the infrastructure, so micro-segmentation would sooner or later be on the agenda.

Nutanix Metro Availability

After probing the market for a long time, Danske Fragtmænd chose Nutanix's Enterprise Cloud Platform. A MetroCluster solution consisting of Nutanix Metro Availability cluster, witness cluster with Prism Central and Lenovo servers. The MetroClusteret is designed for companies that require 24/7 access to critical data and business applications, and the automated failover between sites minimizes downtime and eliminates data loss.
In addition to the above, Danske Fragtmænd also chose Nutanix's micro-segmentation and Nutanix Karbon for Kubernetes.
Installation, implementation and migration of data was handled by Danske Fragtmænd in close cooperation with Nutanix's, Consular's and Lenovo's consultants jointly to ensure the best possible experience for Danske Fragtmænd.

"We have had close cooperation with Consular, who have made their skilled consultant Henning Jensen available. Having Henning Jensen in the process has created security and good sparring. We have invested in the Nutanix / Lenovo HCI environment, to which Consular has contributed valuable advice and sparring, which has been particularly appreciated”.

Rene Christensen

// Datacenter Architect

Easier Everyday Life and High Uptime

Daily life has become significantly easier for Danske Fragtmænd by cutting down on the number of management interfaces at the same time as there is high availability and high uptime. The solution has resulted in less work and better control without compromising operational stability. A very important parameter for Danske Fragtmænd was also Nutanix's micro-segmentation, which is significantly easier to use compared to other solutions on the market.

"We have a very business-critical environment, so it is super important that we chose a solution that supported our requirements for synchronous mirroring of data and high uptime. We have been very satisfied with Nutanix's Metro Availability solution, and our Lenovo servers have given the SQL-DBAs the performance they requested".

Lars Pedersen

// Project Manager

"We have had a long-term collaboration with Consular over many years. It was crucial for us that they actively participated and were on the sidelines of the installation and implementation process in collaboration with Nutanix's professional service and Lenovo. This ensured us as trouble-free a process as possible”.

Tobias Brissing Sørensen

// IT Operations Manager

More about Danske Fragtmænd

Danske Fragtmænd draws on more than 100 years of experience, where efficient transport with high delivery quality creates competitive advantages. It is not without reason that 40,000 business customers have chosen them as their transport and logistics partner. This makes them, among other things, Denmark's largest transporter of general cargo, and they deliver everywhere in Denmark from day to day with great flexibility. Danske Fragtmænd offers a complete range of logistics solutions for both small and large companies within all industries.