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Optimization and long-term savings

Initiative on savings
One of Denmark's largest media groups had launched a major initiative to find savings internally within the company. Within IT, the largest main areas were examined in the hope of finding savings or places where the company could optimize existing solutions, which could provide savings in the longer term. Since the customer had a Cloud First strategy, it was also important to look further at their cloud "spend" in Microsoft Azure.

NetApp SPOT – Automated cost reduction in the Cloud

Consular introduced the customer to NetApp SPOT, which is automated cost reduction based on AI in AWS, Google and Microsoft Azure. SPOT has built a unique machine learning model that can predict availability, capacity and prices of cloud computing resources across cloud regions, data centers and instance types. This means that customers always get the lowest possible price, as several of the large cloud providers reduce the prices of instances for shorter periods, and SPOT can automatically navigate this, so that customers get an extremely cheap and stable solution in the cloud.

Cloud savings of 70%-90%

It was agreed to tackle the Dev/Test and Dev/Ops areas in the first instance, as the customer could see that there would be opportunities to achieve savings of 70%-90% of the customers' cloud costs. The smart thing about SPOT is that customers do not have to go out and make an investment upfront to achieve the savings. The concept is that the customers and SPOT distribute the savings according to a distribution key, so that if there are no savings, SPOT gets no money.
As the customer is very busy with their savings initiatives, it is planned to commence the above after the 2024 summer holidays.