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Longtime Consular customer

Rambøll has been a Consular customer for a number of years, where they have had NetApp in the data center in Copenhagen. Rambøll also had a desire to use the same NetApp solution for their locations around the world, where the backup was to be replicated to regional data centers, and then to the head office in Denmark. The idea was to use NetApp's technologies both locally and globally.

Global rollout of NetApp

Since NetApp is software-defined and the same functionalities are available, whether it is delivered via software in the cloud, an appliance, a small or large storage solution, the way to use the NetApp software is identical.

With more than 200 locations in 35 countries, Rambøll chose a scaled-out rollout, where the very small locations were provided with software, and the slightly larger locations with storage systems. Using NetApp's Snapshot technologies, the solution supported local Snapshots, which were then replicated to the regional office, and finally to the head office in Denmark.

From few TB to many hundreds of TB

Rambøll got a total global solution that could handle locations from very few TB to several hundred TB, while the solution was administered in the same way, regardless of whether it was a location in India or Norway. Rambøll also experienced large capacity savings when they made use of NetApp storage efficiency, as deduplication, compression and compaction were transferred to the backup destinations both regionally and to the head office in Denmark.

More about Rambøll

Rambøll's business units in Denmark are part of the Rambøll Group. Rambøll is a leading international engineering, architectural and consulting company founded in Denmark in 1945. Today, Rambøll employs 16,500 people. They have a global presence with a strong representation in the Nordic countries, the United Kingdom, North America, Continental Europe, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region.

They are present in 35 countries and combine local experience with global knowledge to deliver inspiring solutions that make a difference for customers, end users and society as a whole.

Rambøll works in the areas of: Construction, transport, environment, water, energy and management consulting.

Rambøll works in the areas of: Construction, transport, environment, water, energy and management consulting.