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Increased performance and simplicity for Danske Rederier

Danske Rederier was facing the replacement of outdated infrastructure in the data center a few years ago. The challenges were classic. Too many different kinds of aging hardware, missing patch updates, software expiration, and general maintenance challenges. In addition, performance and capacity were also lacking.

Danske Rederier's most important election criteria

Danske Rederier's most important selection criteria was to invest in a long-term solution that required a minimum of administration, stable and high performance and with an associated sensible economy.

To ensure a minimum of administration, Danske Rederier looked at a Hyper Converged Infrastructure solution, where server, storage and network are gathered in one and the same appliance. After several demonstrations and customer reference calls, the choice fell on an All Flash solution from Nutanix.

Jacques Giordano, IT manager, says:

"It was clear to us that this particular solution could live up to our requirements. By choosing an All Flash solution, we would raise our performance significantly. The capacity was deliberately chosen to meet our needs and more. In addition, we had the option of a later expansion if our data needs increased significantly. Another thing that impressed was the Nutanix GUI. The interface was simple and handling all virtual servers in the same place as storage, upgrades, monitoring etc. gave us great time savings. Finally, we chose to replace VMware and instead use Acropolis, which is Nutanix's own integrated hypervisor on the recommendation of Consular. It came with and was integrated into the solution. It gave us additional savings. ”

After 4 years, Danske Rederier has not had a single crash on the platform.

“Over the years, we have launched many different applications on the platform. This has happened without any problems, and if there have been any questions, we have used Nutanix Support, which has also been able to explain options in addition to Nutanix's own platform. It has been a positive experience for us; ” ends Jacques Giordano.

More about Danske Rederier

Danske Rederier was founded in 1884 and has since been a meeting point for the Danish shipping industry. Danske Rederier looks after the industry's interests as an industry organization and acts as an employer organization for the members. Today, Danske Rederier plays an active role in relation to authorities and decision-makers both in Denmark and internationally. The organization is involved in all relevant contexts and also has its own office in Brussels.