Agile, intelligent and disciplined

In a world where the amount of data is exploding across complex and hybrid environments, it is a pleasure to be able to deliver simple and more efficient solutions for handling data.

Using intelligent resources and hand-picked applications from the IT industry, we deliver analytics and tools that enable our customers to make disciplined investments in the future.

Let us help you

Simplify and get a future-proof data center

  • What is the state of the data center?
  • Is 'best practice' practiced and optimal return on investment achieved?
  • Does the data center support the business requirements?

Monitor your data center

  • Are automated workflows used?
  • Er rapporteringen optimal og automatiserede, så beslutninger træffes på baggrund af valide og relevante data?
  • Where can you minimize risk?
  • How to reduce complexity and costs?

Be proactive and get better data agility

  • Which tasks should be prioritized?
  • How are data, performance and efficiency accelerated?
  • Can IT operations be outsourced in a short time?
  • Is the infrastructure up to date?
  • Is the infrastructure worked with proactively or reactively?

Optimize Cloud Consumption and Costs

  • How is a baseline prepared before data goes into the cloud?
  • What data should be in which cloud?
  • How to reduce costs?
  • Who owns 'your' data?
  • Is data stored in the right cloud?

Backup with secure and disciplined data management

  • Does the backup process match the security policy?
  • Is a 3rd site necessary?
  • Is functional separation handled?
  • Avoid comments from the audit?
  • Is backup of Office365 necessary?

Rent infrastructure and free up capital

  • Lej infrastruktur til korte projekter!
  •  Juster kapacitet efter projektets størrelse både op & ned!
  • Start projects extremely quickly
  • No binding - terminate the agreement when it suits you!
  • Maintain IT management, responsibility and ownership

Get inspired by our cases

Danske Fragtmænd

Danske Fragtmænd

The media group found savings internally

Mediekoncern fandt besparelser internt

Public Service Company

Public Service Virksomhed

Future proofing of global transport platform

Fremtidssikring af global transportplatform

Proactive operational support and reporting

Proaktiv driftsstøtte og rapportering

Increased consumption of Cloud Services

Øget forbrug af Cloud Services

Consular ApS

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